Ultrascan Humint

Reality is the working paradox that defies control

Cloudular Network Tasks - Identify, Map & Monitor

Ultrascan have extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analysing and predicting perpetrators of cross border fraud, money laundering and the planning, funding, communications and support of terrorism for local or international religious extremists as fast growing component of ideological struggle, as well as geopolitical.

Intelligence professionals that 'task network', determine and eliminate 'valued' targets by integrating OSINT and HACKING with HUMINT and TECHINT into a 'Cloudular Network'.

Not linear but cloudular, which means one asset will lead to others quickly and efficiently as we pull the various threads of information allowing clients to move in many directions at the same time or follow one specific aspect if required.

Five Level Ultrascan

Five level ultrascans are used for the intelligence gathering phase of all security related work and to determine the relationships and real world links

People, Groups of people (social networks)

Companies, Organizations

Web sites, Internet infrastructure such as: Domains, DNS names, Netblocks, IP addresses, Email

Phone, Phrases, Affiliations, Documents and files

But also hidden or confidential information can be revealed;

Family ties, Health status;

Financial networks, Foreign sales, Financial resources;

Media sources, Disgruntled employees, Imminent threats, Homeland plots, Trade craft, Recruiting tactics.

Level one ultrascan

A general first wide search for the entities as given by client, the outcome differs a lot depending on how common the names of entities are.

If the entity is named "john smith" the outcome will be a lot of information containing "john smith" - "john" and "smith"

When the entity is johnsmith@hotmail.com the outcome will be information containing or connected to johnsmith@hotmail.com

With a combination of entities, for example johnsmith@hotmail.com, XYZ company, London, Cairo,  Washington, phone and green energy, the outcome will be information containing or connected to all entities and links between the entities.

Level two ultrascan

The outcome of the first level scan will value the new found entities in relation to the given one, depending on the value new entities can be scanned for deeper connections to determine relationships with the original given entity.

For example, documents with co-signatures, university records, photographs with location and time stamp, logins and passwords of (email) accounts, additional (email) addresses, company websites, twitter accounts, can link to new entities that have connections with the given entities. Even though some entities are removed of the internet or data set, traces can still lead to new entities (evidence).

Level three, four and five include Humint and are focussed on the desired results

The Panama Papers - Not all is what it seems

A growing number of individuals brought to our attention that they do not own companies, while documents obtained from the massive data leak from Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, allegedly show, they incorporated a company in known tax-havens e.g. the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles etc.. Even though they never visited any of the (representative) offices of Mossack Fonseca, nor did they authorize third parties to represent them.

Until today, investigations and interviewing the alleged owners established a trail of personal and corporate identity theft. Copies of real or fake passports and persons with similar family names were used to impersonate, implicate and perpetrate (ID theft) criminal activities.

Suspect and criminal activities that reveal the purpose of ID theft....

Criminal activities (not limited to):

- money laundering between continents,

- forgery of official government documents,

- Nigerian 419 advance fee fraud, scamming business people around the globe,

- drugs trafficking,

- arms trade and

- human trafficking.

Suspect activities (not limited to):

- receiving unusual money transfers with a suspect origin,

- opening bank accounts to commit fraud

First published by Ultrascan-KPO 12 April 2016