Reality is the working paradox that defies control

Cloudular Network Tasks - Identify, Map & Monitor

Ultrascan have extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analysing and predicting perpetrators of cross border fraud, money laundering and the planning, funding, communications and support of terrorism for local or international religious extremists as fast growing component of ideological struggle, as well as geopolitical.

Intelligence professionals that 'task network', determine and eliminate 'valued' targets by integrating OSINT and HACKING with HUMINT and TECHINT into a 'Cloudular Network'.

Not linear but cloudular, which means one asset will lead to others quickly and efficiently as we pull the various threads of information allowing clients to move in many directions at the same time or follow one specific aspect if required.

Five Level Ultrascan

Five level ultrascans are used for the intelligence gathering phase of all security related work and to determine the relationships and real world links

People, Groups of people (social networks)

Companies, Organizations

Web sites, Internet infrastructure such as: Domains, DNS names, Netblocks, IP addresses, Email

Phone, Phrases, Affiliations, Documents and files

But also hidden or confidential information can be revealed;

Family ties, Health status;

Financial networks, Foreign sales, Financial resources;

Media sources, Disgruntled employees, Imminent threats, Homeland plots, Trade craft, Recruiting tactics.

Level one ultrascan

A general first wide search for the entities as given by client, the outcome differs a lot depending on how common the names of entities are.

If the entity is named "john smith" the outcome will be a lot of information containing "john smith" - "john" and "smith"

When the entity is the outcome will be information containing or connected to

With a combination of entities, for example, XYZ company, London, Cairo,  Washington, phone and green energy, the outcome will be information containing or connected to all entities and links between the entities.

Level two ultrascan

The outcome of the first level scan will value the new found entities in relation to the given one, depending on the value new entities can be scanned for deeper connections to determine relationships with the original given entity.

For example, documents with co-signatures, university records, photographs with location and time stamp, logins and passwords of (email) accounts, additional (email) addresses, company websites, twitter accounts, can link to new entities that have connections with the given entities. Even though some entities are removed of the internet or data set, traces can still lead to new entities (evidence).

Level three, four and five include Humint and are focussed on the desired results

ISIS - Comes To You

The USA will relapse into the usual political dilly-dally and "seem" unwilling to support aggressive steps - Never hear of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Caliph of the Islamic State again - ISIS will come to you - Terror threat scenario, gun, large and a small knife - Israeli defence readiness is strategically limited - ISIS established presence and fear - Loss of purpose - ISIS attacks Israel - Droning them softly - ISIS next big purpose - Channeling hatred directly to your doorstep via Hamas and the Fatah movement .

Never hear of IS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi again

Attacking three Shiite countries that appear to be at war with the west is impossible, otherwise Syria would have been flattened already, ISIS became the cancer that eroded the three from within. al-Maliki requests for help against insurgencies eventually led him to Iran which was not to the liking of the US. ISIS toppled al Maliki (too) fast.

ISIS established presence and fear

The fight by ISIS was with the Shiite in Syria, Iraq and Iran. Most weapons were seized from the Iraq army and the money they paid their amateur jihad fighters and mercenaries was collected from the central bank. The Jihadi from elsewhere, that flocked to ISIS because they believed the Islamic State would give them the home and honourable fight that they lacked at home, were obviously uncontrollable "enjoying" phase one of the Al Qaeda GSI III doctrine, establishing presence and fear by indiscriminately killing.

Islamic State Loss of Purpose

By changing both Syria as well as the relation between Iran and Iraq when removing the Shiite Al Maliki, the Islamic State and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the butcher from Quantanamo served their main purpose. Because Baghdadi and his IS have not been addressed by military action, he seemingly became an important force and started to believe his own success story. Reality is different, where IS fighters are concentrated now, any modern army could silently squash them in hours, leaving an empty space in some people's mind and harts, wondering where they've gone.

Droning them softly

Refugee streams, the unexpected humanitarian disaster engulfing the Yazidi minority and murdering American citizens are not just collateral effects of Baghdadi's IS, but the 'obvious reason' for the US to slowly drone ISIS in to withdrawal. Both the US as well as the EU send aid to refugees and arms to "Kurdistan" to enable a Kurdish 'defence against ISIS' or ..... their de-facto still growing Kurdish (oil) state.

ISIS next big purpose

Attacks on (IS) the Islamic State and its leader Baghdadi will emphasize the loss of immediate (counter Shiite) purpose. What will they do? Where will these fighters go? How will their international "movement" react? What's the next big purpose?

Europe - U.S. - Canada - Australia - Far East


Carrying a large and a small knife, Mohammed Bouyeri assassinated Theo Van Gogh in the early morning of 2 November 2004, in AmsterdamDuring a meeting in February 2013, a couple of months before ISIS came to life, Al Qaeda members (a.k.a. Khorasan group) decided to revive the terror threat scenario of Mohammed Bouyeri, this time initiated from the desert. Carrying a large and a small knife, Mohammed Bouyeri assassinated Theo Van Gogh in the early morning of 2 November 2004, in Amsterdam.


Nobody wants these fighters to return to their 'homeland', but since they got a taste for hands-on indiscriminate murder, that seems one of the options for experienced ISIS fighters.

The professional recruiters, in the civil rights organisations and universities that are centers of "recruitment" and "support" for terror networks, guided the fighters to ISIS and still motivate new people for their "movement"

It is to be seen whether confiscating passports to stop people going abroad for the jihad, will prevent them from diverting to Terrorism 2.0 'Think Global, Act Local'


The Lebanese army is aware of the continuous growing threat by Al Nusra in the north of Lebanon but Hezbollah was pretty steadfast when they encountered ISIS in Syria directly preventing ISIS to attack Lebanon. But it will not hold.


Motivation by Event - With today's prevailing picture of Hamas killing few soldiers and the Israeli army killing many elderly, woman and children, Palestinian brothers and sisters in distress have become the next purpose of ISIS.

This gives ISIS the largest motivational podium possible. Channeling its hatred directly to your doorstep via the global support movement of Hamas, Fatah and jihad recruiters in every civil rights organisation and university in your neighborhood. Right under your nose (!?)

Attacks Israel from all sides !

All current Palestinian areas and refugee camps in the surrounding countries, Gaza, west bank, south Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Sinai are becoming platforms for attacks on Israel. Eventually leading to a larger area necessary for the two state solution.

In the early stages Israeli defense readiness is strategically limited and its allies including the USA will relapse into the usual political dilly-dally and "seem" unwilling to support aggressive steps.

When Israel is massively attacked the Middle East will explode. 19 states will realize ISIS is an uncontrollable threat undermining all of them, including the suspects of supporting ISIS. Forget about individual or coordinated effort, no Arab country is able to decisively move on ISIS. The ISIS problem can only be solved by US military action and reshaping of the Middle East. Say goodbye to Sykes-Picot borders.

The Israeli defense is well prepared for capabilities and tactics aligned with the mission of its enemies but not for the scope aligned with ISIS vision.

August 17, 2014 Ultrascan Humint Alerts